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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  February 17, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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president. what he a quest list reads like a who's who. what the president wants from some you have our biggest brains. how your boss will be able to see how good you are at paying your rent. and a 12-year-old girl made a promise to never take this bracelet off. now, 40 years later, she's getting ready to. >> you won't believe it. you won't believe the news. >> the phone call about the man she loves,. >> he's finally coming home >> any terrorist hiding in a cave shut -- should start fearing birds you better pay your rent on time, if you don't late payments will start showing up on your credit report. on why one credit giants is
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making this change. >> reporter: it was once a first step towards independence, renting your own place, but since the mortgage melt down, rentalling has become a necessity in the bay area. ask tens of thousands of homeowners. >> they didn't do a background check. >> no. just they want to know how much you make a year. >> reporter: one local landlord said that's how she were duped. even though they checked credit. they only shows a sliver of a renter's history. >> i'm guessing that before they came to us, they had another situation before them that we couldn't see into. >> reporter: credit giant experian is changing all of that. they are including monthly payments on your report that
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will affect your score. >> it gives privacy to each person. >> reporter: some people worry about the new policy. he knows when tenants can legally withhold rent. >> when you start allowing homeowners who are landlords who maybe own one or two properties who are not professionals, there is the potential for unintentional or intentional abuse. >> reporter: but it's happening nonetheless. so roommates be wear, your late- paying best friend could ruin your credit. >> if they are jointly and severally liable, that's what we call that. >> reporter: reporting rent allows college student to establish credit, it always allows those who are hard hid
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to rebuild their credit. >> no word to hide now. robert liles in walnut creek. get ready to work longer, pay more into your retirement and those bonus payments for retirees, forget about it. that's what chuck read told city employees. what he's calling fiscal disaster. he wants city employees to have to work until social securitiry tire -- social security retirement age. >> there is no more money. the we will is dry. the $445 million we're spending on public safety this year is more than we will receive in revenues from the property tax, sales tax. >> well, you know, if i understood the mayor correctly tonight, i got to ask you, how comfortable would a 65-year-old
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or 60-year-old feel chasing down a 20-year-old in a gang neighborhood. >> earlier this week the city went public with a plan to lay off hundreds of police officers and firefighters if the unions didn't agree to concessions. san jose faces a $110 million deficit for the next fiscal year. an eaves -- east oakland manned is behind bars. a girl was approached this morning as she walked to school. she says that he threatened to kill her if she didn't go with him. police say he took her to his nearby home and assaulted her. the girl says she escaped a few hours later and police arrested the suspect at his home. they put his 3-year-old daughter in protective custody. a walnut creek police officer has turned in his badge after being accused of having sex with an underage girl. shawn wallace was arrested
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february 3rd. we have learned that the girl is 16 or 17 years old. he is accused of trying to dissuade a witness. he has been in law enforcement for 20 years and had worked as a detective on juvenile crimes. he's out on bail. in east bay, a narcotics officer was accused of stealing drug evidence and then giving it to a friend to sell. norm is the commander of the narcotics enforcement team. his attorney said today the suspect is in isolation behind bars to protect him from other inmates. >> it's a very difficult time for him. you can imagine allegations like this are devastating especially to an officer whose had such a stellar career. >> the bail for him has been set for $660,000. his attorney says they plan to fight the charges. a new reported out there says that lawrence livermore
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lab isn't keeping proper tabs on drugs. the energy department inspector general says that the lab had five times more opium and 20 times more black tar heroine than the records accounted for. in other cases, drugs were missing. scientists at the lab believe that some drug samples might weigh more from absorbing moisture in the air. by the way, the lab uses drugs for depending. usually ---- the president is in the bay area where he dined with celebrities. he's looking for support for his plan to spend on high tech initiatives. for that, the president headed to woodside. >> reporter: he's here for a high tech summit, a dinner with the invent tores of a company. he's speaking with people like
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the 26-year-old facebook founder and steve jobs and the google ceo. this is a white house looking at technology to get america back to work. >> he doesn't care how facebook works, he's here to see how these companies grow in the middle of the worst recession ever. facebook exploding, apple, and many others, google booming through the recession. >> noisy massive security measures and the inconvenience of closed roads surrounded the home of the dinner host. neighbors shrugged it off. >> that's important. those are good people for him to talk with. we need to keep our competitive edge and the prosperity of our society and it's exciting progress and technology so it's good. >> reporter: the ceos of yahoo,
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netflix and/or kel were also at the special invitation dinner. >> reporter: he only spent about three hours with them but he will go to oregon tomorrow where he plans to tour intel. >> spending a lot of time. thank you. we're getting our first look at a tiny little gadget that could be used in a mission. it's a little don't disguised as an animal -- drone. >> reporter: it's a bird, no it's a plane. actually, it's the hummingbird backed by the department of defense, the company designed it to spy. armed with a tiny video camera, it can feedback emergencies to the -- feedback images to the operator in realtime.
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it's not and -- >> they had to miniaturize everything. they have to create parts inside this aircraft. they literally make them under microscope they are so small. >> reporter: it flaps its wings. it can even hover and watch. >> it looks pretty cool? >> yeah, it's a lovely toy. >> he was in the cia in afghanistan. he says it could be used for military surveillance. >> it could be out ahead in the battle field and take pictures and same not be of a size where a missile could bring it down. >> reporter: the makers say this is a new frontier in unmanned aircraft. it could be used one day to save civilians. >> we could even vision search and rescue operations. if somebody is trying to get to
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somebody trapped, in a cave or even in a building. this is the kind of solution that could be used to get into very small openings and get into places that people can't get and help save lives. >> reporter: the department of defense spent about $4 million to have that little bird developed. the military is using a larger version. this is 28 inches in comparison to the hummingbird which is much smaller. it's about the size of this pen. so pretty amazing stuff if -- that they could get all of that in there. >> i thought the little helicopter at the toy store was pretty cool. >> all right. >> thank you. well, it was a mess of a day out in the rain today. there was flooding in the usual low spots in the bay area. that's marin county. rolling swells out in the bay
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moved ferry commuters around. on at least one of these trips the passengers -- the captain asked the passengers to remain seated. iron workers had to be sent home. but this was a perfect training day for some kayakers. a couple of spots saw snow believe it or not. this is where the summit, mount hamilton blowing the snow nearly horizontally there. it was coming down pretty heavily. lake counties were especially hit hard. are we going to see more rain? it's still raining. this storm is not out of here as of yet. it has been raining all night long across the santa clara valley. now it's lightening up considerably. last night, we had big time
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problems with hail accumulating on the san mateo bridge. it's now making tracks toward hayward. rain is not over. i have revived the forecast. wait until you see where it will not rain on friday with the pinpoint forecast. worst pa day at the >> thanks. and finally, a pass to the front of the line. how disney will help you skip the worst part of the day at the park and what it will cost you. how about spotting someone who is middle-aged? so when do we become seniors? that's later in tonight's good question. relationship status.
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civil unions and domestic face book users have more options in at the claire -- declaring their relationship status. now, it's not going to be available everywhere, just in countries where facebook says users have asked for it. that's the united states, canada, the uk, france and australia. some people applaud the move. think back to when you were 12 years old. could you have kept a promise?
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a woman who made quite a promise and all these years later has managed to keep it. it has to do with a bracelet and a man she never met. broll* * to remember missing and captured american soldiers of >> reporter: to remember missing and captured soldiers of the war. this is a story about one of them. >> but it has always been on you. >> i've never taken it off. >> in 38 years. >> 38 years. >> cathy strong got her bracelet christmas day 1973en graved with the name of a complete stranger. she was just 12 years old and promised to wear it until he came home. >> where does a 7th grader learn to make that kind of commitment. >> i don't know. i'm just determined once i make a promise. >> he was a football star. in the -- his fellow soldiers
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escaped. that was february 7th 1968. cathy wa good on to -- would go on to wear the bracelet around the world. last week she got the call she had been waiting for for nearly 40 years. >> they just called and said he has been found. he's finally coming home. it's an answer to prayer. >> this may, cathy will travel back to his hometown, finally take off the bracelet and bauery it with his remains. >> she has collected momentos and grown close with the family of a man she's never met. >> do you love him. >> of course. you can't pray for someone every day and think about them every day without, yeah, of course i love him and i've been waiting for him to come home. >> cathy says never forgetting was the least she could do. in walnut creek,. >> what an incredible story. >> a lot of commitment there.
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we're going to turn to roberta now and see where our next storm is coming from. >> it's coming from the same place that we had the rain from today. it's the same storm backing into our area. this is the scene in san francisco where it is calm and quiet. plenty of precipitation. making tracks towards more hand doctor -- morgan hill. you can see by the areas of yellow near union city and then as we go towards the north bay, another round of rain is heading that way. rainfall totals, half moon bay had nearly 2 inches. they start all over again. let's go ahead and take a look at your forecast tonight. overnight with the scattered rainshowers into the 30s. tomorrow morning, we will have
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rain to the east and to the south and snowfall around mount hamilton and did diablo. bringing rain back up into area, east bay and south bay, look at your friday forecast. how often do you see that? we will see a chance of rain across the north bay and san francisco pension la but this is primarily going to be a santa clara valley event. more snow with that storm warning in effect through friday. there you have your temperatures. it's going to be a cold day. that is what everybody is going to remember, in the 40s. otherwise, dry by sunday and then more rain next week, gang. >> all right. thanks. okay. on your next trip to disney land, you might have the opportunity to skip those long
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lines for rides and attractions. leave it up to disney. they are developing a system that will let you check into hotel rooms from home, reserve time for rides, meals and other things. i'm sure there is a price tag there. did it any says it will be similar -- disney says it will be similar to their fast pass program. we don't know when the new program will roll out. here's another secret, actually you know the answer. when exactly do we step into if golden years?
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but what exactly is that age. once hit that age, you can expect a few perks, but what exactly is that age. at wa age do we become -- at what age too we become seniors, that's tonight's good question. >> s -- so you consider yourself a senior? no i don't. i think of myself as and 18-
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year-old. >> what's your driver's license say? >> it's one of those weird things that has no defining parameters. when do we become sr. citizens? >> it isn't necessarily an age, it's a state of mind. >> in our society, sr. age requirements are all over the place. >> social security is 62 and 65. medicare is 65. retirement communities are 55 plus in order to get the news pool and the quiet condo. aarp, we are 50 and older. >> when you ask mature adults whether they consider themselves seniors, you are likely to get answers like this. >> some age older than i am. >> 85. >> why 85. >> because my father started seeming older when he turned
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85. >> things are different today. a lot of boomers simply aren't ready to go there yet. >> it's kind of associated with retirement. our is he referral says that 80% of -- our research says that 80% of boomers don't actually plan to retire at all. well, he is a standout wrestler on his way to becoming a state champion. today, the high school sophomore forfeited his iowa tournament match. the reason, he didn't want to face his opponent. she -- she -- is one of the first two girls in the 85-year history. why did he give up the round. he says his decision is basedden his family's belief -- based on his family's belief that wrestling is not how you
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treat a girl. -- tries to end the cavs' long losing streak. we will tell you how he did it next. ♪
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ovechkin - the nhl's version of lebron james - was just 8 years the washington capitals last won a game in 1993 at -- lebron james was just 8 years old. start the clock, please. coming in having lost three of four. rips one, tied the game at 1. same score, third period, the sharks go ahead. his 15th td season.
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san jose won -- about three minutes to go, he had 18, closed the game on a 13-1 run. green, wide open. usf is 8-3. they are -- bruins at stanford. 305 pounds. big dunk. ucla beat stanford. wow, we're not even a week in and -- is injured. he won't pitch until he's pain free. bob ger ren says that could be three weeks or so. i'm heading out to spring training to find out. i will be back on monday. >> 76 to 79 degrees. >> like he didn't know that.
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>> you need to take the weather girl with you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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